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‘Off-Campus’ Series by Elle Kennedy

It is been awhile since my last post but I had a long vacation in Italy and between all the sightseeing and eating, I couldn’t post a review 🙂 I started reading the series before I take off and hoped that I would be able to finish them all and write a review before I left but couldn’t make it 😦

So enough about me, as for the ‘Off-Campus’ series I am disappointed with myself because of waiting this long to start reading the series. Even the books are connected to each other; you can read them as standalone because stories are not continuing from where it left off on the previous book. This is one of the best new adult series I’ve ever read. The series is about Briar University Hokey players, who are also roommates: Garrett – The Captain, Logan – The Abbreviation King, Dean – The Player and Tucker – The Nurturer. They have each others backs, they are loyal and hilarious when they’re together. OMG I was cracking up to the conversations they were having throughout the series. And of course they are all freaking hot and charming 🙂 There are totally four books and I wish there was more because there are more guys in the hockey team that I am curious about. ‘Off-Campus’ series is a great read and I couldn’t put any of the books down until I was done with them. Each book is written from dual point of view. They are fun and sexy with a heartbreaking story behind them. So here are the reviews:

The Deal

‘The Deal’ is the first book of the ‘Off-Campus’ series and it is Garrett’s and Hannah’s story.

Garrett is the captain of Briar University’s hockey team. He is hot, smart, the star player of the hockey team, who will most likely go pro and little bit of a man-whore. He is having trouble with one of his classes and if he cannot raise his grade up, it will bring down his entire GPA and he won’t be able to play hockey. One day after class he bump into a girl, who is one of the few people that are doing well in the class. Garrett has one mission: convince Hannah to tutor him. But there is a little problem Hannah is unaffected by Garrett’s charms and not interested in anything he has to offer in exchange.

Hannah is strong, smart, beautiful and vulnerable. She has a huge crush on a football player, aka Justin. She’s not the type who goes crazy for a guy but the way Justin makes her feel, makes her wish that she is on Justin’s radar.

After being rejected by Hannah couple of times, Garrett comes up with a deal that he thinks Hannah won’t reject. In exchange for the tutoring sessions Garrett offers Hannah to pretend as they are dating in order to boost her popularity so that she will attract Justin’s attention. After Hannah agrees with the deal Garrett is offering everything becomes more complicated.

When the tutoring sessions start, Hannah and Garrett starts spend more time together hanging out. They become friends and share stories that anyone else knows.

Even though Garrett doesn’t want a girlfriend, after the time they spent together and the kiss they share, he realizes that he is falling for her. The only thing that stands between them is her Justin crush. So Garrett decides to show Hannah that he is actually the guy she wants.

They have a great chemistry. I loved the banter between them and how their friendship evolved to a relationship.


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The Mistake

The second book of the ‘Off-Campus’ series is about Logan aka ‘The Abbreviation King’ and Grace.

Logan is a junior and star player of Briar’s hockey team. He is hot, cocky, funny, and dependable. He is a guy, who will sacrifice anything for the people he loves and cares. From outside his life seems all rainbows and sunshine but in reality not so much. His family life sucks. His father is an alcoholic and he depends on Logan and his brother, and Logan is not looking forward to graduate and go back home to take care of his father. Plus like this isn’t enough, he also has a huge crash on his best friends girlfriend Hannah. So in order to avoid all the hurt and pain, Logan uses booze and sex as a coping mechanism.

Our heroine, Grace, is a virgin freshman, who is socially awkward and tends to start blabbing when she is around hot guys. I loved her. I think she is pretty adorable. And somehow Grace and Logan make sense and they are my favorite couple in the series.

Their meeting was totally coincidence but soon they discover they have a lot of fun together. At the beginning Grace was the distraction Logan needed in order to keep his mind away from Hannah. As for Grace, she couldn’t believe that she was lucky enough to have a sexy and popular guy like Logan as her first.

Eventually, Logan does something that breaks Grace’s heart and this mistake makes him realize that he is in love with Grace. When Logan realized his mistake, he starts groveling and I love that Grace doesn’t give in so easily. The way she supports Logan about his decisions regarding his future make me adore her more.

‘The Mistake’ is an engaging, funny, sweet and heartbreaking story.


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The Score

If you start reading the series our hero and heroine, Dean and Allie, are not strangers to you. Dean Sebastian Kendrick Heyward-Di Laurentis, isn’t that a mouthful name :), is sexy, rich, cocky man-whore. My impression about Dean from the previous books was shallow, dumb jock. But I couldn’t be more off, there is a lot more to Dean than what meets the eye.

Truth to be told I was thinking the heroine of the book will be Sabrina but I am really glad it was Allie 🙂 Allie is Hannah’s best friend and she is beautiful, funny and sassy. Also, she is not affected by Dean’s charms or afraid of going toe to toe with him. The story starts when Allie broke up with her boyfriend after 3 years and in order to avoid her ex-boyfriend, she goes to Dean’s house to stay over for the weekend. Allie is not a one night or casual sex type of girl she prefers relationships and Dean is opposite of Allie, he is the king of casual hookups. Allie knows all about Dean’s man-whore reputation and she doesn’t want to be just another notch on his bedpost but what she doesn’t know is how persistent he is. Despite warnings from Hannah and Garrett about keeping his pants zipped, Dean is using all his charm to convince Allie that the best thing to get over a break-up is to have a rebound sex.

Couple of tequila shots later Allie cannot resist Dean’s charms anymore and they end up having sex. After their night together Allie doesn’t want a repeat performance, when the only thing Dean can think of is having sex with Allie again. After a lot of resistance from Allie and a lot of convincing efforts from Dean, they come to an agreement that they will keep having sex and while they are together, they won’t be sleeping with other people. One can think that keeping it in his pants will be hard for Dean but once he gets Allie, he is loyal to her. The chemistry between them is off the charts and I love the banter between them. As they start to spend more time together, Allie realizes that Dean is not the person he shows the world. The true Dean is really smart, funny and caring. And as the time passes, their relationship quits being just about sex because their feelings starts to get involved. I loved how their relationship is build slowly. Yeah, physically they were attracted to each other from the beginning but it takes a while until the trust and emotional connection is built.

I really enjoyed reading Dean and Allies story. As you might know there was always a heartbreaking story in the previous books but the one in this book brought me to tears. I really didn’t see it coming. I was laughing one minute and crying the next.


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The Goal

Unfortunately, ‘The Goal’ is the last book of the ‘Off-Campus’ series. If you read the previous books of the series, you can all probably guess the hero of the book. Our hero is Tucker aka ‘The Nurturer’ 🙂 and our heroine – btw this was really surprising for me – is Sabrina.

Tucker is sexy, caring, loyal and really protective. What I didn’t expected from Tucker was, being a dirty boy 🙂 Sabrina is hot, stubborn and smart. Even though her childhood was not ideal and she was really poor, this didn’t stop her dream and aim for the best. Her goal is to graduate Briar and get in to Harvard law. Getting pregnant and falling in love is not part of her plans but not everything goes as we plan.

If you’ve read ‘The Score’, you know Tucker reveals that he is going to be a father at the end of the book. I was kindda expecting that his secret girlfriend will be revealed because of all the mysterious disappearances throughout the ‘The Score’ but I was definitely not expecting him to knock someone up and definitely not Sabrina. My favorite thing about the book is it doesn’t start where it is left in ‘The Score’. It goes back and starts from the beginning of their relationships. So timeline wise mostly ‘The Score’ and ‘The Goal’ are parallel to each other.

Sabrina is very focused and works really hard to achieve what she wants. She doesn’t have time for a relationship and that is the reason why she only goes for hook ups. For Sabrina hooking up with Tucker is a one-time deal; however, Tucker wants more. It was fun to see Tucker chase Sabrina and try to get her to just have little fun. He tries everything to show her that she can get the future she wants while having a relationship. And when Sabrina accepts that having a relationship will not distract her from achieving her goal, she finds out that she is pregnant. Because of the things she faced as a child, she is struggling about what she has to do. I adored Tucker more during this time because he is always there to support Sabrina and he is trying to show her, he will be there for her as much as she allows him. I really liked the connection and chemistry between them. It was really interesting to see how they both changed their priorities and adjusted their lives to fit one another.

Also, at the end of the book it was really nice to see all of the characters from previous books and pieces of their lives after graduation.


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‘Off-Campus’ is one of the best series, I’ve ever read and if you still didn’t read it, I highly recommend you to read it. I wish there are more books in this series. I would have love to read more about Fitzy and Summer 🙂

  • Would I recommend this book: Yes.
  • Would I re-read this book: Definitely.
  • Would I read future books by this author: Yes.

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