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Abbi Glines

Here goes my first review 🙂 I am still new to this so please bear with me until I get a hang of blogging 🙂 Because I already read too many books and wanted to write about my favorites, I decided to write about the authors of those books and give the overview of the books I read from them.

First one on my favorite authors list is Abbi Glines, who is New York TimesUSA TODAY, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. I read all her books except ‘Until Friday Night’. I am not a patient person and waiting for a new book in a series usually drives me crazy and that is why I usually wait until the whole series is complete but that is usually not possible for every series. But hey I found a good way to cope; if it has been a while, I usually start re-reading the whole series right before the release date of the last book 🙂

So back to Abbi Glines, I enjoyed reading all her books. She uses 1st person POV and I love it because it gives reader a chance to engage with the characters. All her books are easy to read because it grabs reader’s attention at the beginning and without even realizing you are done with the book. If you are reading a lot of books, after a while it is really hard to find a story line that keeps you engage because usually you will be guessing what will happen next, I totally recommend Abbi’s books. In her books it is hard to guess because she twists her storyline and at the end you are in shock. That happen to me while reading ‘Up in Flames’. I was so sure about the end and then BOOM! I met with a totally different ending.

If you are looking to read something new and still didn’t read any of her books, I totally recommend you to read them. I am not gonna write full reviews for all her books but here are my thoughts regarding all the series.

Existence Trilogy

If you enjoy reading Fantasy, you must read Existence Trilogy. You know how it is mostly about Angels, Devil, Witches, Vampire, and Werewolf and it is hard to find something different, believe me when I say this is different. I really enjoyed reading the series.

Rosemary Beach

It is one of my all time favorite series.  I finished each book in one sitting. I could not put it down! Through out the series you will read the stories of 6 couples, Nan and Kiro’s undying love story (This is a short story but it gives you an insight regarding Kiro’s behavior and makes him more likable 🙂 )

I love the series because it allows you to see bits and pieces of other characters after you finish reading their stories. There are 13 books in the series. All written in dual point of view (except the first book, check below for details) and it allows you to see both sides of the story. I read the series twice (except my favorite couples, I read those 3 times 🙂 )As always I do have my favorite couples 🙂 Here they are:

  • Rosemary Beach 1-4, also known as ‘Too Far’ are Rush & Blair’s story. ‘Fallen Too Far’ (Rosemary Beach 1) is Blair’s story but Abbi Glines wrote ‘Rush Too Far’ (Rosemary Beach 4) to share Rush’s side of the story. 2nd and 3rd book of the series are written in dual POV. So if you are planning to start reading the series, I recommend reading ‘Rush too Far’ after ‘Fallen too Far’.
  • My second favorite couple in the series is Grant & Harlow and their books are ‘Take A Chance’ (Rosemary Beach 7) and ‘One More Chance’ (Rosemary Beach 8).
  • Last of my favorite couples is Tripp & Bethy. You can read their story in ‘You Were Mine’. I wish they had more than one book because I would love to read more about them. I think their story is one of the saddest one I read.

Lastly, Nan’s story ‘Up in Flames’ has the most unexpected end and I was shocked at the end of the story. I am upset that this is the last book of the series.

Sea Breeze

There are 9 books in the series. All the books are written in dual point of view. If you read ‘Rosemary Beach’ and enjoyed it, you will enjoy reading this series too. Also, the third book of the series ‘While It Lasts’ movie option was announced so hopefully we can enjoy the movie too 🙂

The Vincent Boys

It is a good summer read. It is charming and flirty. If you enjoyed Abbi Glines books you will enjoy reading this series too.

This is all for now. I hope it is helpful…


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