‘Hard Hitter’ by Sarina Bowen

This is my first post after two weeks but life got a little crazy for me lately. Friends visiting, crazy work schedule and trying to study for GRE didn’t make it easier for me to read and keep writing reviews. I was planning to write this review for a while but couldn’t find the time … Continue reading ‘Hard Hitter’ by Sarina Bowen

‘Rookie Move’ by Sarina Bowen

‘Rookie Move’ is the first book of ‘Brooklyn Bruisers’ series by Sarina Bowen. If you are fan of second chance and sports romance, this book is definitely for you. Our hero and heroine for the book are Leo Trevi and Georgia Worthington. If you read Sarina Bowen’s ‘Ivy Years’ series you are familiar with our … Continue reading ‘Rookie Move’ by Sarina Bowen

‘Goodbye Paradise’ by Sarina Bowen

‘Goodbye Paradise’ by Sarina Bowen was first published in 2015 as ‘In Front of God and Everyone’. If you are a Sarina Bowen fan and never heard of this book, it is most probably because she published it under the penname Nealy Wagner. If you are subscribed to Sarina Bowen’s mailing list you probably know … Continue reading ‘Goodbye Paradise’ by Sarina Bowen

‘#FinishLine’ by Cambria Hebert

I love ‘#GearShark’ and ‘#Hashtag’ series by Cambria Hebert and really enjoyed reading them. When I finished ‘#Blur’, I was upset because it was not enough for me and so when I saw the tweet about the ‘#FinishLine’ as you can imagine I was super excited to read more of Hopper and Arrow 🙂 One … Continue reading ‘#FinishLine’ by Cambria Hebert

‘Pucked Off’ by Helena Hunting

‘Pucked Off’ is finally out. YEAY! And I don't know for how long I waited this book to come out but here what happened to me on the release day: Me (the night before release day): Yeeehhhuuuuu! I cannot wait to get my hands on ‘Pucked Off’ Me (the morning of release day): I cannot … Continue reading ‘Pucked Off’ by Helena Hunting

Him Series by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

After reading ‘Good Boy’ I couldn’t stop myself and read ‘Him’ series again 🙂 What can I say Jamie Canning and Ryan Wesley, a.k.a Wesmie, is one of my favorite couples. This series is the first book I read from the powerful duo Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy. After reading ‘Him’ and ‘Us’, I start … Continue reading Him Series by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

‘Good Boy’ by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy are a powerful duo. Both authors individually have great series that I enjoyed reading. ‘Off-Campus’ by Elle Kennedy and ‘Ivy Years’ and ‘Brooklyn Brusiers’ by Sarina Bowen are my favorites. I first read ‘Him’ series by the powerful duo and what can I say I love Wesley and Jamie, a.k.a. ‘Wesmie’ … Continue reading ‘Good Boy’ by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

‘Hollywood Prince’ by Kim Karr

‘Hollywood Prince’ is a standalone but I recommend you to read ‘No Pants Required’ and ‘Bedwrecker’ before it so you will have more ideas regarding our hero’s and heroine’s and their families’ background. ‘Hollywood Prince’ is a funny, sexy and light-hearted book that you can easily read in one sitting. Brooklyn James known as Hollywood … Continue reading ‘Hollywood Prince’ by Kim Karr

‘#Blur’ by Cambria Hebert

'#Nerd', the first book of the 'Hashtag' series, was the first Cambria Herbert book I read and really enjoyed the whole series. As for the 'Gear Shark' series, #Junkie, which is the first book of the series, was my first M/M book. I wasn’t sure what to expect but because I was familiar with Drew … Continue reading ‘#Blur’ by Cambria Hebert

‘Face-Off at the Altar’ by Toni Aleo

‘Face-Off at the Altar’ is the 9th book of the ‘Assassins’ series. I think you can also read this book as a standalone because as always Toni Aleo does a great job at introducing all the characters and the back-story, so you won’t be lost if you haven’t read ‘Assassins’ and/or ‘Bellevue Bullies’ but I … Continue reading ‘Face-Off at the Altar’ by Toni Aleo